My Life In A Nut Shell

Welcome To My “Ordinary” World.

I have never been anything special – I have always been the “ordinary” girl.  As I have grown older I realize “ordinary” is truly not that bad.

My husband and I originally met in 1994 while attending the same church. He was 23 years old and I was 17 years old… and he pretty much ignored me – yet, I had a “large” crush on him. We went our separate ways in 1995, me studying music at Austin Peay University and he studying in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga & Birmingham.

At the age of 19 years old I married a guy in the USAF. After 2 years of pure hell I filed for divorce. I lived in Clarksville, TN until 2000 and decided to move back to my hometown. Little did I know that my now hubby was making that same move back from Birmingham, AL.

My hubby heard that I was back in town and called me to see if I wanted to play on a co-ed softball team. He came to pick me up on September 21, 2000 for ball practice and we have been together since.

He proposed on December 30, 2001 and we married on September 21, 2002.

We welcomed into the world our first son, William, in  2004 and in 2007 we welcomed into the world our second son, Carter.

I have been a musician… but I have put those days behind me.  My focus is on my family and family alone.

My hubby and I have great jobs and a beautiful home. We are lucky to have the life we do. Our family and our lives is about as perfect and good as it gets.

All in all I am just an “Ordinary Miracle” – which I believe no matter your status in society, the way you look, etc…  – we all are ordinary in our own way and each one of us are miracles.

…and the music plays on!


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