Really Sad…

September 29, 2010

It is really sad that I went through my “blogger roll” and had to take down lots of old blogger friends.  Some I didn’t have the heart to take down.  Most of my old blogger friends are no longer blogging.  Is the blogging world coming to an end?

…and the music plays on or does it!?!



  1. The music does play on.

    For some the blog is attached at the hip. For others not so much. But strangely some return. We heard from that guy Graham not too long ago.He used to post on “Cognoscenti” he just kind of showed up at my blog last week after a couple of years..he has no blog but still. I’m glad you showed up though if only for a bit. We can hope for more. ;0

    • Cooper – I really miss the good old days. I am on facebook now. I am not doing as much as I use to on there. I have 300 and something friends – and only special people get to see my pics and wall. I say maybe 50… the rest just wish I was their “true” friend… I let them become my friend with out benefits. 🙂 Miss you all so much… I just don’t have the time to blog that much like the old days!

  2. I felt the same when I redid my site. I’m glad that you’re back.

    • Patrick – not so sure how “back” I am… but will try. Miss you!

  3. The blogging world we knew has come to an end with a few of us straggling in the gates
    Your new template brightened up my blog and made me want to go on because most of the time I just want to do anything non-blogging or writing which is bad, very bad so…

    • Pia – the blogging world is not the same without me… right? Love you!

  4. Oh I”m so glad that you’re back. Missed you Shayna though saw you on Facebook it wasn’t the same
    I don’t know if you have Shelleigh’s new blog:

  5. Did you know that Lori aka Barngoddess passed away this summer?

    • Brian – I did not know. What happened?

  6. I miss Sgt. Hook & RSM

    Hi Shayna.

    *waves at Pia*

    • Yes, me too!

      Hi Pixie!

      *waves at Pia, too*

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